Have we lost touch?

Let’s get re-connected If you have suddenly stopped receiving material from us that you always got, it might be because we don’t have a consent form from you. There are 2 things you can do about this. You can download, complete and post a consent form. Download form here. You can go to our ‘Sign […]

Incredible Number of Bibles Distributed in 2017

  Every year the United Bible Societies fellowship gathers information from all around the world and records how the Bible has been shared in every continent. This year the ‘Global Scripture Distribution Report’ has revealed some incredible information.   More than 20% of all Bibles distributed by the United Bible Societies (UBS) fellowship in 2017 […]

Exciting new edition of Word at Work

Enjoy the new edition of our magazine. If you would like to subscribe to a postal copy or receive a copy by email, you can sign up here.

Staying Connected

The laws are changing around data protection. This means it is really important that you get in touch with us soon!   Emails from Bible Society NI If you receive information from us by email, particularly prayer resources or updates, you will need to help us out. You will receive an email before 25 May […]

Catherine’s Half Marathon

On the 27th May 2018 Catherine Little is running the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Here is a little about what she’ll be doing and why she’s doing it…   “Last summer I visited Cambodia – a country of absolute contrasts!  I saw first-hand the amazing work of the Bible Society in Cambodia – providing Literacy Classes to […]

I love to hear the story

Over the last few years the ‘Christmas Tree Festival’ has become a popular way for churches to share the story of Jesus with their community. In December 2017 St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Loughgilly, ran a festival called ‘I Love to Hear the Story’. Rev Graham Spence tells us how it was so much more […]

A Gift in your Will

For over 200 years Bible Society NI have been supporting worldwide ministries, working to reach people with God’s life changing message. Currently we are helping to fund over 50 projects run by Bible Societies across the world. We want this to continue. Leaving a gift in your will to the Bible Society in Northern Ireland […]

Bibles for China

  Who gave you your first Bible? Many will remember their parents, grandparents or Sunday School teachers giving them their first Bible. For some this Bible is still a treasured possession, evidence of a legacy passed on from a generation before them. We can look back and see how that gift has impacted our lives. […]

Welcome to Austria

  Leah McKibben has been reflecting on what it means to welcome the stranger. Here she tells of her experience in Vienna – of welcome packs, refugees and apple strudel…   How many of us have been to a Christian Conference and received a welcome pack? I love them! Registration at these events can easily […]

Drama, it’s what we do.

  How can you bring the Bible alive through drama? Getting the balance between being creative and being biblically accurate can be a tricky thing. Chris Neilands helps run Play it by Ear, a Christian drama company based in Northern Ireland. He shares a bit about how they are helping people engage with the Bible… […]