Sharing the Gospel through sport in Albania

Albania has been described as one of the least religious countries in the world – some might see that as a challenge, but the Bible Society in Albania see this as an opportunity. Since the beginnings of the work of the Bible Society in Albania in 1996 they have used sports to reach out to […]

Confidence in God’s Word

If you were to decide one day to go sky diving, you have decided to put your trust not only in the person you are attached to but also the big piece of material that they are attached to. You have decided to put your entire life in the hands of a stranger and their […]

Providing God’s Word in Difficult Places

Despite major persecution, the church across the Middle East and North Africa is growing!  But, they desperately need Bibles.  Your support today is vital to help provide God’s Word to everyone who wants it. There are some places where it is simply too dangerous for me to share about the details of Bible Society work […]

Learn to tell the best story ever told

Many of us will enjoy a good story, some of us might be good at telling a story too. Simply the Story is a group which focus on telling Bible stories. We support a project using Simply the Story material in the Gulf where groups of migrants are equipped to share their faith through telling […]

The Amazing Journey: Baptist Youth

Amazing Journey is a primary school assembly lesson which runs through the entire Bible in 40 minutes coordinated by Baptist Youth. It consists of big set pieces laid out in School assembly halls with actors and volunteers from local Baptist Churches coming along to help run the sessions. This project is in 98 schools across […]

‘Growing with the Bible’ Project in Pakistan

We would like to share with you about an incredible project in Pakistan; the “Growing with the Bible” project. This fantastic initiative, led by the Pakistan Bible Society, aims to bring the Word of God to Christian children and youth across the country. Through a collaboration with Scripture Union in Pakistan, they are on a […]

Bible Engagement Forum 2023

In May, Catherine and Mark had the privilege of attending the United Bible Societies’ Bible Engagement Forum in Toronto. This followed the forum in Swindon in 2022 and was part of a major research project commissioned by the United Bible Societies and the British and Foreign Bible Society, investigating people’s perspectives on the Bible worldwide. […]

Can we trust the Bible?

If you were to decide one day to go sky diving, you would be deciding to put your trust not only in the person you are attached to but also in the big piece of material that you are attached to. You would be deciding to put your entire life in the hands of a […]

A Bible for Every Cuban – Summer Appeal

We wanted to share about one of the most ambitious Bible distribution projects we support: the mission to give every Cuban a Bible, run by the Cuban Bible Commission (the Bible Society in Cuba). Working alongside the local church and its leaders, this project reaches more than 70 denominations. This allows the Word of God […]

Reunited with the Word

Read this interesting article from the BBC’s new website: We were made aware of this wonderful article that appeared on BBC News. How amazing that this Bible was reunited with the family it belonged to, bringing with it the vast history and memories locked within. It is such an interesting story that brings so […]