Albania has been described as one of the least religious countries in the world – some might see that as a challenge, but the Bible Society in Albania see this as an opportunity. Since the beginnings of the work of the Bible Society in Albania in 1996 they have used sports to reach out to children and young people with Bible Stories.

I’m excited to tell you about a young man called Emiljo. Emiljo is from Albania – he lives in Tirana and studies Sport Science at University. Emiljo volunteers with the Bible Society of Albania and has been a follower of Christ for several years.

Emiljo was introduced to Jesus by different church volunteers and our colleagues in the Bible Society of Albania and now he is a volunteer doing the same for other young people.

Emiljo grew up in an orphanage, he had a difficult start in life. He often felt alone until the Bible Society’s volunteers became his extended family. Twice a week, they brought not just football training but a sense of community and belonging through Bible stories. Emiljo found faith and solace, saying, “When you are part of a team and a group, you never feel alone but feel part of a community.”

Now Emiljo is keen to help other young people learn about Jesus. He volunteers with the Bible Society coaching children who have had a similar start in life to him so that they too can feel part of a community and a family of Believers in Jesus and develop their own sports skills.

In a few weeks the Bible Society will be running their ‘Easter Cup’ at their centre in Tirana. Teams of young people and adults will come together to play in a football tournament with a difference – before every match there is a Bible study. Before playing any football, everyone has heard Bible stories and learnt Christian values. Later on this year it will happen again with a Summer Camp organised for young people in Tirana.

Your support today can directly impact these events, fostering an environment where everyone learns more about Jesus.

Join us in prayer:
– For Emiljo as he volunteers to share his football skills and his Christian values with young people.
– For the young people attending the ‘Easter Cup’ and Summer Camps, that they encounter Jesus through the Bible stories shared before each of the matches.
– For the leadership of the Bible Society in Albania as they work in a challenging environment where Christians are in a minority.

Your prayerful and financial support for this project is much appreciated.