At the heart of the work of Bible Societies across the world is the value of making sure that everyone on the earth can one day read God’s Word in their own heart language. It is our prayer that everyone would be able to hear God speaking to them in the language that they think and dream in.

Each year, our United Bible Societies Global Fellowship partners with local Bible Societies to continue to work on this goal of translating the Bible into every language. We now have the 2023 Bible Translation statistics to share with you

Amazingly, 7.23 billion people have access to some Scripture in their language, whether it be full Bibles, New Testaments, or portions of Scripture. In the last year alone Bible Societies across the world, in partnership with other translation organisations, completed Scripture translations in 106 languages, reaching over 1.25 billion people.

Despite this progress, 50% of the world’s languages (making up some 188 million people) still have no scripture in their language at all, and so the work continues.

It is thanks to people like you who continue to support this work, that we can partner with Bible Societies across the world in this important work to help every tribe and tongue come to know and worship God.

Please pray for everyone around the world involved in Bible translation as well as those people still waiting for Scripture in their heart language.