Despite major persecution, the church across the Middle East and North Africa is growing!  But, they desperately need Bibles.  Your support today is vital to help provide God’s Word to everyone who wants it.

There are some places where it is simply too dangerous for me to share about the details of Bible Society work – it is too risky for our colleagues and the Believers they support in these places for us to go into too much detail.

The Bible Societies are legally allowed to work in the countries we are supporting but evangelism is tightly restricted and there are huge risks in sharing God’s Word.

The Bible Societies here play vital roles in supporting the local church, but they need your help today so they can supply more Scripture to where it is needed.

A New Way to Learn about the Bible

The persecution of Christians and the Bible has an interesting impact on people in these countries. Because Christianity is shunned and Christians are treated poorly, it inspires curiosity in many. They begin to ask why these people are giving up so much for a book. What’s so special about the Bible and God, that someone would risk their safety and even their life?

Many people begin their journey of discovery through Christian TV or radio programmes, the Bible Societies in these context have a vital role to play as they are often the only source of Bibles in the country.  So once Christian programmes are over there is an opportunity for people to connect with the Bible Society to get a Bible.

I heard a story of a Bible Society volunteer, I’m sorry I can’t tell you his name, he visited a man with a Gospel and some CD’s after he had contacted the Bible Society.  The man was disappointed – he wanted a full Bible and said:

‘I’ve been listening to Christian radio for months.  I write everything down, every verse of the Bible I hear and every explanation. Then I share it with my family and friends, and everyone I meet who will listen to me. There is now a group of us here eager to know more and we would love Bibles. Will you help us?’

This is the question we are helping to answer – will you help us today to provide the Bible to people learning more about Jesus and Christianity in places where persecution levels are so high?

Your gift today will help us reach out to more people like this man and his friends and family with God’s life changing Word.

Supporting Christians in Difficult Situations

Having access to the Bible is vital for Christians, especially those in such difficult situations. One Christian, ‘D’, shares how important it is that she has God’s Word in her context: “The Word of God really is my armour. Often, Christians in my country are very scared in the Muslim context. But we shouldn’t be afraid by the situation nor by the Devil’s threats! And reading the Word of God helps us to be strong and trust in God. The Word of God is so effective!”

Another lady, ‘A’, told Bible Society staff, “If I didn’t have this possibility to talk to Jesus all the time, I would die”. ‘A’ explains that she knows Jesus as her friend and confidante, her encourager in a very difficult life. She adds, “I read the Psalms and the Gospel of John all the time. Psalm 46 touches me especially: ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’”

Please support this work today

Pray with us

  • Thank God for the many He is bringing to faith, despite the restrictions in place.
  • Pray for the safety of Christians, seekers and those who oversee the church in these countries.
  • Pray that these countries would allow religious freedom, so that Christianity can be openly practiced.

Invest in supporting followers of Christ in a difficult place with a financial gift

  • £24 will help to provide support to those who are distributing Scripture in these countries.
  • £42 will provide six people who are seeking with a portion of Scripture.
  • £80 will help to provide eight people each with their own copy of the Bible.

Thank you for your help today to reach people with God’s Word.