A Bible for Every Cuban – Summer Appeal

We wanted to share about one of the most ambitious Bible distribution projects we support: the mission to give every Cuban a Bible, run by the Cuban Bible Commission (the Bible Society in Cuba). Working alongside the local church and its leaders, this project reaches more than 70 denominations. This allows the Word of God […]

Reunited with the Word

Read this interesting article from the BBC’s new website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-65913245 We were made aware of this wonderful article that appeared on BBC News. How amazing that this Bible was reunited with the family it belonged to, bringing with it the vast history and memories locked within. It is such an interesting story that brings so […]

Creation Care in Mission

Creation Care in Mission Over the last few years, Bible Societies across the globe have been asking how we can deliver relevant and resilient Bible ministry in a rapidly changing world. One of the biggest issues facing our generation, and those who will come after us, is the issue of Creation Care, and how this […]

Big Stones, Little Stones

Imagine an empty jar. If I were to fill it with stones, would you say it was full? If I were to then pour gravel into the jar, I could fill it further. If I then poured sand into the jar, I could still fill it even more and, if I were to add water, […]

Welcome to the team, Mark!

Here’s an introduction to our newest staff member, Mark Wells! Hello! My name is Mark, I’m married to my wonderful wife, Abi, and we have a wee boy who keeps us very busy. I studied theology at Queen’s University and I have worked in churches for the last seven years with families, children and young […]

Christ our Brother, Christ our God

 As we exit this time of Easter, I am struck with the idea of Christ’s incarnate humanity. How he is perfectly human and perfectly God. While approaching his passion and death he went through a stream of human emotions. Christ knew the depth of what he was about to face. He knew his friends would […]

The ‘Moving Gospel’: Armenia

You can donate to this appeal through the form on the right of this page. Children in remote Armenian villages are waiting to hear stories of Jesus.  Moving Gospel, a project by the Bible Society of Armenia, is changing this as they bring the Good News of the Bible to children and their families. Clergy […]

Word at Work: Spring 2023

The Spring edition of our Word at Work magazine is here!In this issue we share about our event in November – ‘The Gathering’ when we heard from our colleagues in Poland and Egypt.Read about the ‘Bible For All’ events hosted by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and also how you can support Ukrainian Refugees in […]

Translation is a Justice Issue

Bible translation matters, there is no debate. Everyone deserves to have God’s Word in their own heart language, to hear him speak directly to them. More than 1 billion people still don’t have the full Bible in their own language. Almost 4,000 languages – that’s more than half of the world’s languages – still don’t […]

Autumn Word at Work

The Autumn edition of our Word at Work magazine is here!   In this issue we are looking at the importance of Bible translation- why it is important that everyone has access to God’s Word in their own language.   We also have our usual local news, international news and our regular Prayer at Work […]