We would like to share with you about an incredible project in Pakistan; the “Growing with the Bible” project. This fantastic initiative, led by the Pakistan Bible Society, aims to bring the Word of God to Christian children and youth across the country. Through a collaboration with Scripture Union in Pakistan, they are on a mission to inspire, educate and strengthen the faith of the next generation.

A Vision for the Future

The goal of this project is to introduce Christian children to the Word of God through Scripture materials tailored to their age. These materials are easy to read and understand, making it a fun experience for kids of all ages to engage with the Bible. Scripture materials have been created for three age groups: Infants (5-7 years), Juniors (8-11 years), and Seniors (12-15 years). These age-appropriate resources allow each child to understand and connect with the Bible story they are learning about.
Pakistan has the world’s fifth largest population, with over 240 million people. It is estimated that roughly 50% of the population is under 18, and of that only an estimated 2% are Christian. Pakistan’s diverse population consists of various faiths, which makes it even more important that these children have a strong foundation for their faith from a young age.

Challenges and Opportunities

With the increasing focus on the importance of education and literacy in Pakistan, more children are learning to read and understand printed materials. This project’s collaboration with the Scripture Union Pakistan plays a crucial role in providing Christian kids with access to Christian literature and resources. Through this project they learn and study Bible stories and characters, and most importantly they learn about Jesus and their need for a Saviour.
One of the main challenges Christian children and young people in Pakistan face today is the influence of Islam on their school curriculum. It is essential that these children are rooted in Biblical truths as they attend their schools and sit in their lessons.

Vocational Bible School: A Life-Changing Experience

One of the highlights of this project is the Vocational Bible School (VBS) organised by the Scripture Union Pakistan. During this week-long camp, children from various Sunday Schools gather to learn the Bible in a fun and engaging way. Fun talks and interactive games make the programme engaging and enjoyable, while also leaving a lasting impression on the young minds.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Growing with the Bible project aims to distribute 10,000 portions of Scripture across Pakistan. Additionally, 80,000 Sunday School books and 5,000 Urdu Children’s Bibles will be distributed to Sunday Schools around the country. This will allow Christian children access to their own copy of God’s Word, helping them to grow in their faith and relationship with their Heavenly Father.

• Pray for the children as they learn God’s Word, that it may benefit their whole lives.
• Pray for facilitators as they teach the Sunday School students, give thanks for their love and concern for the children’s spiritual lives.
• Pray for Pakistan Bible Society and Scripture Union’s staff, as they travel and stay in other cities and villages to oversee this project. Ask that may the Lord keep them safe and sound.

• £24 can provide three Urdu Bibles to children in Pakistan.
• £50 can provide 125 Sunday School portions or activity books.
• £100 can provide 100 “ABCs of the Bible” books to younger children in the project.