We wanted to share about one of the most ambitious Bible distribution projects we support: the mission to give every Cuban a Bible, run by the Cuban Bible Commission (the Bible Society in Cuba). Working alongside the local church and its leaders, this project reaches more than 70 denominations. This allows the Word of God to be taken to those most in need of it. Among the Bibles being distributed are Bibles for children, large print Bibles, Study Bibles, the ‘Hope’ magazine and other materials. These are distributed in churches, in senior citizens’ homes, schools and among local communities.


Longing to Share God’s Word

When talking about reaching millions of people, it can be easy to become numb to the real lives that this project impacts. So, I want to tell you about Reina, a woman who was desperately waiting for her own copy of God’s Word.

Reina has been a Christian for many years. She is an evangelist, excitedly sharing the Gospel with everyone she meets, yet she had no Scripture to give to those she spoke to. Further still, she didn’t even have a Bible of her own to read. Very few people in her church had a copy of God’s Word and they relied on their pastor sharing each week. Her heart ached to read the Bible for herself, and to give it to those around her.

Hearing of their need, the Bible Commission visited Reina’s church, bringing copies of the Bible for everyone in the congregation. As Reina was given her Bible, she took it in her hands and began to kiss it. For the first time she had her own copy of God’s Word! Her excitement was clear; this Bible would help her to evangelise and tell more people about God’s Salvation plan.

“This is what God has called me to do,” she told the Bible Society staff. “To share God’s Word with others”. Knowing that Reina and the church had no Scriptures to distribute, a staff member asked, “How would you feel, if you had some Bibles to share with the people you visit?” It was then when Reina burst into tears and leant her head on the shoulder of the translator. “Then I would be very, very happy” she said. Reina’s tears that day show us, far more than a thousand words, what it is like to have no Bibles when serving the Church.


Overcoming Hard Circumstances

Over recent years, the Cuban Bible Commission (Bible Society) has faced many hurdles carrying out this project. Currently, there are many social and economic strains across the country; there are food and fuel shortages and people are struggling with their circumstances. The fuel shortages mean that it is especially difficult to transport Bibles across Cuba and distribution is limited to more localised areas.

Despite these hurdles, the Cuban Bible Commission has continued faithfully with this project. They have found that more people than ever are hungry to hear God’s Word, they are seeking hope and comfort in what God has to say to them through the Bible. They make an effort to provide the Word where they can and provide support to churches when they cannot provide physical Scriptures.

The Cuban Bible Commission would like us to pass on their sincere thanks to those who support their work, especially those in Northern Ireland. On a Zoom call at the beginning of May, Alain, General Secretary of the Cuban Bible Commission, told us “Thank you to the generous hands from so far away. We are so grateful. I am confident to say that your support has and will continue to make a lasting impact on the Church in Cuba”.


The Cuban Bible Commission have asked us to pass on some points for prayer.

  • Please pray that the Bible will always be present in Cuba and that through the Bible God will speak into people’s lives.
  • Pray for the strengthening of the local Church and Christian community. Pray that they would hold tight to the Word of God and that they would be good witnesses for the Bible.
  • Pray for the ongoing food and fuel crisis, especially for those who are living in poverty. Ask God to use the Church to provide for these people in their need.




For the average Cuban, it costs more than a week’s wages to buy a Bible. The Cuban Bible Commission need your help to provide Bibles to people like Reina who are longing to own God’s Word and share it with others. It costs just £6 to provide someone with a Bible.

This means:

A gift of £30 will impact five people, giving them each a Bible.

A gift of £60 will give 10 people the gift of the Bible.

A gift of £120 will give 20 people each their own Bible.