Read this interesting article from the BBC’s new website:

We were made aware of this wonderful article that appeared on BBC News. How amazing that this Bible was reunited with the family it belonged to, bringing with it the vast history and memories locked within.

It is such an interesting story that brings so many things to mind.

This Family Bible has been linked with key moments in the family’s history. Births, deaths, confirmations. It may have been a Bible that was opened regularly as a family as they sought to learn more about Jesus together, maybe after a family meal every evening.

I wonder how something that is linked with such worth has ended up in a charity shop in the first place. At what stage in its life did family members no longer see it as valuable? When did it end up as clutter or on the shelf, unused?

Something of supposed great value has ended up being given away for free because it wasn’t wanted. Where are our Bibles today? Are they on a dusty shelf somewhere? Are they battered and worn from use? They say a Bible that is falling apart from lots of use usually means the owner isn’t.

I want my children and grandchildren to long to see what my Bible looked like. To see the pages that are worn more than others because God led me to them over and over again. I want them to see the notes that I made during the good times and the bad. To see how I prayed through Scripture for them that they might know him.

One of the keys to helping young people and children to stick with faith into later life is to build spiritual disciples in the home at a young age. This simply means rhythms of prayer, services, gratitude and reading of Scripture. It’s here that children are given the building blocks which will follow them into later life no matter where life may take them.

Are we building our children’s lives on the same building blocks that may have been made with this Family Bible?

Start small – read a Bible story before bed every night, start to say grace at the table before family meals, use the Lectio 365 for Families App during breakfast time as everyone wakes up, and pray for ambulances as they go past. Add simple and small things into your life, until you see your whole life as a family covered in these wonderful rhythms of grace and God’s presence becomes part of your family.

Today we can be challenged to build these patterns of Scripture in our lives just as this Family Bible may have at one time. Let us not let our own Bible end up in a charity shop but let it be a pearl of great price as we and our families long to see the amazing treasure therein.

We as a Bible Society here in Northern Ireland have produced a Bible reading plan guide to help families engage together in God’s word. 52 will bring you through 28 Old Testament and 24 New Testament passages, helping you to engage in the big story of the Bible.

Follow this link for more information and to get a copy.

52: A Bible Resource