The reason it can do so is because this Word is from God himself (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

In these difficult days filled with uncertainty and fear we want to help you and the church to remain rooted in God’s Word.

To help you do this we have created this handy little study template : SOAP. Download your SOAP Study template HERE.

Scripture. Observe. Apply. Pray.

SCRIPTURE : pick a passage – maybe from the Bible 2020 App reading or our Daily Bible Reading Guide. Write it out and highlight anything that stands out to you initially

OBSERVE : to go deeper ask yourself; what does the passage say about God? About us? What’s happening? Who’s involved? Where is it taking place? And anything else you notice.

APPLY : we don’t just read God’s Word to learn, but also to live. Write down one personal and/or one practical way you could practise something you have observed from the passage in your everyday life.

PRAY : lastly pray. Take a moment to write a prayer, giving thanks to God for his Word and what he has revealed to you. Ask for his help to live it out in your life.

Why not give it a go today?

We’ll be posting examples on our social media in the coming days and weeks to encourage you and many others to keep engaging with the Bible.