The Great Invitation

It’s the greatest book ever written! It contains the most wonderful story ever told! It’s message is too wonderful to keep to ourselves! We want to celebrate it and share it with the world!

Join with us at The Bible Society Northern Ireland and the National Bible Society of Ireland as we celebrate Bible Sunday 2021, and give thanks to God for the gift of his Word and the many great invitations it contains!

This year, Bible Sunday will take place on Sunday 24th October – why not join in with us!

The Great Invitation Pack

To help you celebrate Bible Sunday 2021, whether on Sunday 24th October, or at another point in the year, we have compiled an inspirational pack of free biblical resources centred around the theme of ‘The Great Invitation’. This pack will be available to download from Monday 13th September.

The Bible Sunday Pack contains:
  • A fun All-Age talk for use in your service
  • Inspirational stories of how God is changing lives in Cambodia
  • Prayers and Bible readings for you to use and share
  • A short video update on our work across the world and in Northern Ireland, for you to play

Pray with us this Bible Sunday!

Click on the image below to download our prayer card to use and share with your church this Bible Sunday and beyond.