When we read the Bible in English, we hear God’s Word in our heart language; we read God’s promises for us in the language we use every day. We have access to the whole Bible in English, from Genesis to Revelation, in this language that we know and understand. At any time, we can open God’s Word and understand the words with ease, but for so many around the world this is not possible.

There are over 7000 languages in the world, yet only 700 languages have the luxury of the whole Bible. There are still millions of people who don’t have access to God’s Word in a language that they use every day.
They are still waiting. You can help today to bring them God’s Word.
It is a true blessing to have the Bible in a language that we can read and understand. At the time of writing this letter, an estimated 1.5 billion people still do not have a complete Bible in their language.
This year we are supporting many countries with translation projects, three of which are the West Toba translation in Argentina, a Children’s Bible in Amharic in Ethiopia and 17 different translations in India. Will you help us bring these people God’s Word?
Check out some of the translation projects we support around the world: