It is no secret that despite the many challenges and restrictions, the church in China continues to grow. Every year, thousands of people are coming to faith in Christ as the message of God’s grace is spread. Yet, two of the biggest challenges facing the church in China right now is the lack of Bibles for believers and Study Bibles for lay preachers.

China’s need for Bibles

The desire and need for Bibles amongst rural Chinese believers remains.

In China, there is an estimated one pastor for every 6,700 believers. To help pastors lead and shepherd the church, there are a group of dedicated volunteers who work as lay preachers.

Lay preachers are passionate about teaching their congregations, but it can be hard for them without the right resources.

The China Partnership (the Bible Society in China) wants to help these lay preachers as they serve God in their ministry, which is why they are seeking to provide Chinese Study Bibles to them. A Chinese Study Bible will help a preacher to read and understand God’s Word for themselves but will also benefit their congregations as they preach from God’s Word.

It is vital that preachers have good, solid resources to teach them how to read and understand God’s Word properly, and in turn teach their congregations.

The Yearning for God’s Word

It is also vital that church members have their own copy of the Bible, so that they may know that what is said is true, and that they can read God’s Word for themselves. The China Partnership has for many years been distributing free Scriptures to Christians in China.

Recently, a church in the Jiangxi province of China was able to receive free Bibles through the China Partnership. One of the church leaders shared:

“With your support, these poorer believers received help in being given free copies of the Bible. They are exceptionally happy and moved, some shed tears, because this is what they have yearned for.

The donation of Bibles is very meaningful. You gave to these people not just a physical copy of the Bible, but the blessing of God and warmth to the believers.”

Please pray for the church in China, as it continues to face challenge and restrictions. Ask God that He will speak to lay preachers through their study Bibles, and that they help many to grow in the Christian faith. Please also pray for those in churches still waiting for their own Bible.

You can support the church in China by providing a Study Bible to a lay preacher or a Bible to a Chinese Christian. In 2022, the China Partnership aims to provide Chinese Study Bibles to lay preachers and Bibles to Christians all over rural China. Will you support Bible distribution in China today?


  • £15 could provide 3 Bibles to poorer Christians in rural China.
  • £54 could provide 3 lay preachers each with a Study Bible.
  • £150 could provide a whole church of 30 Christians in rural China with a Bible each.

You can donate to this project through the donation form on this page.

Thank you for your continued support of Bible distribution in China.