The Bible Society team in Slovenia want people to engage with the Bible, they want to connect what they do with church congregations around their country.

Church leaders can often feel overburdened and stretched as they meet the pastoral needs of their congregations especially for those with multiple congregations to care for. The Bible Society provides training for lay people within churches to be able to host Bible sharing groups, called Ecclesia, which strengthen the faith of everyone involved.

Around Slovenia, Bible Society staff and volunteers run a variety of workshops and study sessions encouraging the participation of ordinary people in Bible Mission. They encourage Bible reading marathons in congregations and gather groups of clergy together to help encourage their Bible engagement activities.

During the COVID pandemics a journaling edition of the New Testament, including thematic reading plans, was created for these Ecclesia groups. The Journaling New Testament encourages readers to spend longer reflecting on passages, underlining, or highlighting what stands out to them as they read, helping people to understand more of God’s Word. The original print run of this New Testament has already sold out with a second print completed.

One example of a recently started Ecclesia group was for parents – they meet at the same time as a group for their children. Many of these parents had little connection to the church or to faith but the opportunity of connecting with other adults and learning more about the Bible has been a good combination. Some of these adults are learning about Jesus in whole new personal way.

One participant from the group said, “as we read and talk about the Bible, we also share how we live daily, and then we also give each other support and pray for each other”. These groups help everyone to learn from the experiences and insights of others, share their own, and grow in their knowledge of the Bible and Jesus.

More people are connecting with the Bible

The Bible Society have already seen progress in congregations around Slovenia with more people engaging with the Bible. This project is bringing the Bible to life, it is encouraging Christians of all generations to get involved with groups and with God’s Word. They are seeing much better co-operation between the Bible Society and churches around Slovenia.

The Bible Society have also created more ways for digital interaction with the Bible. Before Christmas more than 750 people received an audio Bible passage with a short devotion each day by email. Four online campaigns to engage the public with the Bible have been created and are used throughout the year.

Support the Bible Society and this work

Today you can support the Bible Society of Slovenia and help them reach out with the Bible to more congregations across their country. Will you help to encourage more people to read the Bible with others in groups? Your financial gift and prayerful support will boost the work of the staff and volunteers to reach more congregations and prepare training sessions for new group facilitators.

The Bible Society in Slovenia have a small team, just like us here in Northern Ireland. They rely on support within Slovenia and from other parts of the UBS Fellowship, that is why we are telling you about this. We have pledged to support our colleagues in Slovenia to reach more people with the Bible.


Slovenia is found in Southern Central Europe; it is known for its mountains and lakes.  Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia; it became an independent state in June 1991. The Bible Society of Slovenia was formed in 1993. 

Matjaž Črnivec leads the work of the Bible Society as General Secretary. 

Pray with us:

Please join us as we pray for our colleagues in Slovenia and this Bible engagement work.

  • Pray for Matjaž and his team of staff and volunteers.  Pray for them as they support groups all over Slovenia to read the Bible together.
  • Pray for all the church denominations in Slovenia that they would grow deeper roots of faith into God’s Word.
  • Pray for every participant in these groups and for those who engage with the Bible through material sent out by the Bible Society.


Please consider how you could financially support this work today to give more people the opportunity to join a Bible reading group in their own church.

  • £25 will provide support for a Bible reading group to continue meeting in a church setting.
  • £50 will facilitate a session with clergy to provide encouragement and practical tools for Bible engagement in their context.
  • £100 will provide materials, training, and support for a new group to get started.