In 2022, we are running three projects in partnership with World Day of Prayer in Northern Ireland.

We are passionate about the whole family engaging with God’s Word, which is why we have put together these special programmes. Find out about each project and how you can get involved below:

Bibles for Babies

We want to give every baby born in 2021 in Northern Ireland a FREE toddler Bible on their 1st birthday, and then a children’s Bible on their 5th birthday.

Sign your new little one up here.

Daring to Hope

This accessible, five-session small group resource aims to help people inside and outside of the church rediscover the often-neglected prayer language in the Bible for our travels through a broken world: lament.


“52” is a free resource, ideal for families, Sunday Schools, Y.F. groups and even small group ministries. The 52 plan guides you through 28 Old Testament and 24 New Testament passages, using our unique timeline, letting you see the big Bible story as well as forming some good devotional habits too.