Children in remote Armenian villages are waiting to hear stories of Jesus. Moving
Gospel, a project by the Bible Society of Armenia, is changing this as they bring the Good News of the Bible to children and their families.
Clergy in the local church often work with multiple communities across a large geographical area. Sadly, due to a lack of resources, they are not able to provide the Bible teaching that children and their families need to grow. This is where the Bible Society of Armenia provide support, helping reach more people with God’s Word.

Moving Gospel, brings the Bible to men, women, boys and girls in places where there are high levels of deprivation and need. It is a fun and interactive way to engage the whole community with the Bible through stories of Jesus’ life, miracles and teaching. The Bible Society of Armenia partner with the local church – this is a huge encouragement for church leaders who often have a huge geographical area to support. Involvement with Moving Gospel empowers ordinary people to consider sharing the Bible in their context.
Bible Society staff and volunteers visit each village once a week for 12 weeks – this is an enormous undertaking as travel time can be up to 4 hours each way for the team involved. They share Bible stories, facilitate workshops and distribute Bibles and other resources. Children and young people are involved in puppet making whilst adults get involved in painting and weaving images that help to tell others about the Bible.