People in China, Cuba and Togo are desperate for Bibles. They long to read or listen to the words of Jesus. You could make their dream a reality.

Twin your own Bible with one for someone else in one of these countries. Many of the people there can’t afford their own copy, but you could change that by covering the cost for them.

We’ll send you a label that you can stick into your Bible to show that it is twinned. It will remind you to pray for the person or church who has received a Bible because of your gift.


What to do:

  1. Read about China, Cuba and Togo below and decide where you would like to twin your Bible.
  2. Print out the form, fill it in and post it to Bible Society NI, 27 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6NB OR
  3. Twin your bible by making an online donation.



The Christian population in China is growing. More and more people are coming to know Jesus and are now asking for Bibles. So many people long to have a Bible that they can call their own, that they can take home and read, study and reflect on. The problem is, for the vast majority of people the Bible is simply a luxury they can’t afford. Bible Societies are working to make the Word of God available to people at a price they can afford, or quite often for free.

Bibles are being printed in China at the Amity Printing Press. Bible Societies are paying for the paper used to print these Bibles and then giving them to people who are desperate for God’s Word.

Twinning your Bible with a Bible in China will cost just £5.



The need for Bibles in Cuba is urgent. 40% of believers do not have a Bible. Many have to share one Bible between a whole Bible study group, and lots of these Bibles are old and so well used that they are falling apart.

The ‘One Million Bibles’ project is working with churches from all denominations to distribute Bibles to Christians in Cuba who desperately want their own copy of God’s Word. At the moment Bible Societies are free to import Scriptures into Cuba, so now is the time to help provide Scriptures for children, young people and adults.

Twinning your Bible with a Family Bible in Cuba will cost just £5.



Not all Bibles will look the same. Those who are illiterate, visually impaired or blind need the Bible in a format that will help them understand the words that God speaks. The Bible Society of Togo is supplying Proclaimers (wind-up audio Bibles) to people, encouraging them to sit and listen to God’s Word.

Listening Groups are being set up in churches, prisons and schools as people gather together to spend time listening to the Bible, discuss the meaning of God’s Word and pray with each other.

Twinning your Bible with a Proclaimer for a whole Listening Group will cost £18.