Updates on our Board!

We have appointed a new Chairperson to our Board of Trustees – James Diffin.  James takes over from Tommy Stewart.

James joined the Board in 2018 and was appointed Chairperson at our last meeting in June.  He works at the Hub Belfast working with students at the Church of Ireland and Methodist Chaplaincy.  Much of his work is about connecting with students to encourage discipleship and build faith, one of the things he enjoys most is meeting with a small group to study the Bible together.  James is passionate about God’s Word and helping others connect and engage with the Bible.


Like every charity we rely on a small group of people who help to lead, guide and govern our work here in Northern Ireland. Our Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds, with different skills and experiences.  Our Trustees help us to work wisely, they help us achieve our mission of reaching everyone with God’s Word.

Currently we have nine people on our Board:

James Diffin

Tommy Stewart

Rev Capt Colin Taylor

Rachel Swift

Rev Brian Anderson

John Stewart

Rev Karen Salmon

Rev Lesley Ann Wilson

Mark Brown

Trustees serve on the main Board and then on other committees too.  Our Board Meetings happen in person at Bible House but other meetings often take place online.

Perhaps you would consider joining our Board of Trustees?  We are looking for people who love the Bible and who are passionate about our mission statement to reach everyone with God’s Word to get involved.  If serving in a governance capacity is something that you would like to learn more about then please do get in touch with Catherine at the office and she can introduce a Board member to you so you can learn more.