Over the last ten years, the Bible Society of Uganda has been committed to getting a Bible into every Home, Hand and Heart.

For many people in Uganda, owning their own copy of a Bible is a luxury they can little afford. As a result of this, the Bible Society of Uganda frequently receives requests from Church leaders enquiring about free and low-cost Bibles that can be afforded by their members. We are committed to helping the Bible Society of Uganda to provide these Bibles to those who need them most.

A Perfect Gift

Rita is one of sixty-five Christians from a church in Seeta, Uganda, that received free Bibles from the Bible Society of Uganda through their Bible in Every Hand, Home and Heart project.

Following reports from the leader of their church that there were congregants that did not have a Bible, the Bible Society sent a representative to ensure they would have their own access to Scriptures. On receiving a Bible that day, it was a joy filled moment for everyone accepting this perfect gift.

Rita told the Bible Society of Uganda when she was presented her copy of God’s Word:

 “I thank the Bible Society for the good things they have done for us especially we, the people of Seeta, because they have given us a Bible. To be able to soothe our hearts that were wounded, as well as ensuring that our hearts will be stronger in the Lord our God. We can only give thanks and all praise to Him.”

Nalongo with her own copy of the Bible she has received through this programme!

For the elderly that were not able to walk to the church, the Bible Society of Uganda went up to their homes and delivered their Bibles. After reading her favourite Scripture, Psalm 103, an elderly lady named Nalongo was amazed at how the Bible Society of Uganda had thought about her and brought her such a beautiful gift. She told them,

I feel good because if life has challenges it is in such a book, the Bible, that we find happiness, because when we read, we remember the things we had forgotten, it takes away the loneliness, and it brings hope. I thank God for the Bible.”

God’s Word in their own language

In addition to free and affordable Bibles, the Bible Society of Uganda also provides Scriptures to those with visual impairments through Braille and audio Bibles. Braille Bibles are provided to schools for the blind, and smaller, handier audio Bibles are distributed for personal use at home.

There are many translations and revisions currently ongoing into the native languages of Uganda. One of these, the Acholi Bible revision, is ensuring that the Bible is easily understood and accessible for more than 1.5 million Acholi speakers. We have supported this project for many years and are excited that it is now nearing completion.

“Our continued prayer is that those who will use this Bible, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will be convicted to serve God with all their hearts and minister to their families and communities.”

Grace, an Acholi Bible reviewer.

Please join us in prayerfully supporting the Bible Society of Uganda as they make God’s Word accessible to the people of their country.

Pray for the many thousands of people who will receive a Bible from this project this year, and that God would speak to them through his Word. Ask God to also provide volunteers for the Bible distribution in Uganda.

You can provide Bibles to people in Uganda:

£25 could provide 5 people each with their own copy of the Bible.

£70 could provide 2 copies of a portion of the Braille Bible to a school for the blind.

£100 could provide a group of 20 believers each with their own copy of the Bible.

You can donate through the form on the edge of this page.

Thank you.