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Despite living in a majority Muslim, the Palestinian Bible Society is dedicated to sharing God’s Word with everyone in their country. The Palestinian Bible Society serves Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. They are working to support and serve the Christian community with the Word of God, equipping Christians for Bible advocacy and to engaging non-Christians with the gospel through outreach programmes and Bible engagement resources.

Raising a Bible-Centred Generation

The “Child of Bethlehem” was created by the Bible Society to help children in Palestine to establish their faith and to teach them the Bible. This project reaches out to all Palestinian children and youth through a Bible based programme, providing them with a Biblical education and values. Activities include Bible events, trips, conferences, camps, school programmes and special events for Christmas, Easter and summer. Sunday School materials and resources are also provided to churches.

It is estimated that 53% of the Palestinian population is under the age of 18, so this project is vital to help raise the next generation of the church as a Bible centred people. In recent years, the church in Palestine has noticed that young people are not regularly attending church. It is their prayer that this programme will help young people to foster the habit of attending regular meetings and studying the Bible.

Proclaim It: Standing Firm

“Proclaim It!” is a special project which supports the local church, encourages believers and helps seekers. The Palestinian Bible Society is often the first place where people will go to request a Bible and ask for help understanding it. In response to this, the Bible Society provides resources and Bibles to the local church and Christian community.

Every year, thousands of Christians gather together for events known as ‘Bible Days’. Part of the wider Proclaim It project, these special days bring together Christians from many walks of life, denominations and churches to worship together. These events have speakers, praise, plays, with special children’s and youth events too, but one of the most important parts is the bookfairs, where people are able to come and buy Bibles and Christian literature.

Throughout the pandemic, churches, schools and clubs all continue to work with and request Scriptures from the Palestinian Bible Society for different events. Church leaders regularly contact the Bible Society office requesting material and looking for new publications to help them in their rolls as leaders of the church.

Please would you help us to support the work of the Palestinian Bible Society. We ask you to pray with us especially for the work among children and young people through the child of Bethlehem project, and for those who are impacted by the Proclaim It project.

You can also help to support these projects through giving a gift.

  • £30 will provide 10 portions of Scripture to those who are exploring the faith.
  • £60 will provide 30 Scripture activity books to children in the Child of Bethlehem project.
  • £110 will provide 10 free Bibles to those who cannot afford their own copy.

Please help us as we support the Palestinian Bible society and the vital work that they do among children, young people, the church and their wider community.

Thank you.