The poverty rate in Uruguay is very high and many children are from difficult backgrounds or must work to help support their family, missing out on schooling.

These children face poor hygiene, lack of food, abuse and many more terrible problems they should not have to deal with.
Often children are sent to Sunday School, as it is seen as somewhere where good morals are taught and where food will be provided. The churches in Uruguay have been challenged to help these children by providing food during Sunday School lessons, making sure they are spiritually fed, as well physically.

Sunday School teachers often play the role of educator, caregiver and counsellor to these children. The “Draw My Own Bible” project, organised by the Bible Society in Uruguay, allows children who have little or no literacy to listen to Bible stories and learn about what they’ve heard through drawing. They work through the “Draw My Own Bible” book, which has plenty of space for drawing and colouring the stories they have heard. Training is also provided to Sunday School teachers so that they can properly help the children with the issues they are facing.

In 2019 they had several children who are participating in this project give their lives to Jesus! It is through this simple way of displaying God’s love and teaching the Gospel that many thousands of children are hearing the Gospel!

We are supporting this project as part of our Bible-a-Month Calendar this year. Click here to find out how you can provide a Bible to someone around the world every month.