The Sri Lankan Sign Language Translation

Across the world there is currently only one complete Bible translation in Sign Language. Sign Language is often very different to the spoken language, and it can be hard for deaf people to simply read Scripture.

After a visit to a school for deaf pupils, the Ceylon Bible Society realised the importance of providing children and young people with Biblical resources in their own language- Sri Lankan Sign Language.

The translation into Sri Lankan Sign Language will help the deaf community to engage more with the Word of God. Once they are able to better engage with the Bible, they will be able to grow in their faith and relationship with God.

The Ceylon Bible Society hopes that through this project the church will become more inclusive of those with disabilities and that the quality of engagement in church activities for deaf people will be improved. One of the aims of this project is to help lead more deaf people into becoming more involved with Biblical ministry.

The Sri Lankan Braille Bible

The Braille Bible translation here has been completed and the Bible Society is working with Blind Schools to distribute it. Each book of the Bible comes as a separately bound book costing approximately £12 to produce. This means to buy the full Bible would cost £792.

While they are working to ensure each Blind School has access to the Braille Bible, the Bible Society in Sri Lanka also provides Audio Bibles. These portable, and easy to store Bibles, are a more affordable solution which allows the Bible Society in Sri Lanka to provide more people with personal access to the Bible.

The Bible Society in Sri Lanka’s main goal is to achieve the widest and most effective distribution of the Holy Scriptures to help people interact meaningfully with the Word of God.