The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every Bible Society in the world. Most Bible Society offices, Bible book shops and warehouses have had to temporarily close. Projects have had to be suspended until it is once again safe for staff, volunteers and the people who we are reaching. For some Bible Societies this has had a devastating impact on their financial situation.

At this point in time, 88 out of 155 Bible Society offices are at risk of closure. A drop in Bible sales and income mean there is no money to pay staff, run projects or keep doors open. This means there could be 88 nations who will have to cease their projects; Bible Society translation work, distribution of Scripture, literacy and Trauma Healing programmes will all have to stop.

“88 out of 155 Bible Society offices are at risk of closure”

It is for this important reason we have decided to run an additional appeal this year. We appreciate your continued support and thank those who have recently given gifts to Bible work around the world.

The United Bible Societies (UBS) fellowship, of which every Bible Society is a part, has come together to create a Solidarity Fund especially for those who are most at risk. We do not want Bible work to cease in any country, and it is for this reason that I am writing to you today.

A Biblical Response to COVID-19

Despite these difficulties, Bible Societies are still working to reach everyone with God’s Word. Projects are being adapted for use online, while video calls and social media are being used to reach new audiences which perhaps would not have been reached before. Resources have been created, boldly telling the Gospel and proclaiming hope.

Spiritual and practical help are being provided side by side by many Bible Societies around the world.

In Eswatini the Bible Society is providing Bibles to healthcare workers, as well as water tanks, hand sanitisers and masks to those in communities who would otherwise not have access to protective equipment.

The “Bread of Life” programme in Peru is providing food parcels and Scriptures to families who currently cannot work and have no income due to lockdown.

The Bible Society in Kenya is providing Scriptures and meals to children who live on the street and are struggling to find food.

In the Gulf States the Bible Society is reaching migrants with their “God’s Karuna” resource which means “God’s Mercy” in Tegulu. They are using Whatsapp to virtually spread this resource, reaching thousands.

Around the world Bible Societies are rising to the challenge of ministry during COVID-19. As a fellowship we simply cannot let Bible work cease where it is needed most.

We often look at these situations with human eyes, and fear with human hearts what the future will hold. But we have a great God who is the Everlasting Creator, who does not grow weary and whose understanding we cannot fathom (Isaiah 40:28). We trust that even through these difficult times God is working for his glory, and he will provide.

Your gift will help Bible Society work keep going around the world. The money raised from this appeal will go towards Bible Societies who desperately need help. We boldly ask that you give generously to help us ensure we can provide everyone with a copy of God’s Word in a format that they can access and understand. Will you help us to stand up for Scripture?

Every gift, no matter what size, will help to keep Bible Societies open and Bible projects running.

Donate to this project:

£20 can provide four people with their own copy of the Bible.

£50 can provide a food parcel and Scripture to a family who is in need.

£150 can help to keep a Bible Society’s doors open to the public.   

You can send us your gift by filling out the donation form on the left of this page or by phoning the Bible Society NI office on 028 903 265 77.

Thank you for your support.