The Bible does not grow old, however Bible translation does. The Serbian people still do not have the complete Bible for the 21st century. Two complete bibles are currently in use, but the translation is almost 160 years old. Language has changed significantly in those 160 years, and the dialects are not currently used in central Serbia anymore.

For the past nine years the Bible Society of Serbia has been working on a new translation of the Old Testament. With gods help this translation was finished in 2019. they are now working hard to complete the translation of the New Testament and hope that within the next six years they will have a complete Bible for the younger generation of Serbians in an understandable language and without archaic words.

This project will not only help Christians to grow in their faith, as they are able to read and understand the Bible for themselves, but will be an evangelistic tool as Serbians are able to pick up and read the Bible with ease.