The Tinggian people need a translation of the New Testament that they can understand. There are around 54,000 speakers of this language. Most speakers come from communities in the North-eastern and Northern areas of the Philippines.

Providing the Tinggian people with a New Testament is tricky as the language has 10 different dialects. There has been discussion between the tribes and a solution has been reached. The people have chosen two dialects that will form the basis of a common Tinggian translation. This should provide the people with a New Testament that they can understand.

The staff at the Philippine Bible Society say “the Gospel of Mark in Tinggian-Inlaud has been publicly launched in February last year, and was received with majestic community celebrations. The goal now is to translate the complete New Testament.”

It’s wonderful that, thanks to the support that a Northern Irish lady gave in her will, this translation work was able to start in 2017!


Photo: The team working on the Tinggian translation