The land around the Paraguayan River is the world’s largest tropical wetland. Many of the communities who live here are isolated and depend on the river for everything. The Paraguayan Bible Society travels along the river onboard El Amanecer, bringing supplies to meet the needs of these people. The El Amanecer provides medical assistance, scriptures and biblical teaching to communities located along the river, such as the Hugua Chini, San Alfredo, Carayá Vuelta, Leonor Island, Estancia La Novia communities, along with many others.

As a result of the Scriptures they bring, churches have started to form. Currently, the focus of El Amanecer is to train up church leaders in these communities and provide the members with Bibles and literature so that they may grow in their faith and encourage other communities to do the same.

One of our colleagues from the Paraguayan Bible Society writes to tell us, “We are so grateful to God for the people of the riverside communities as they increase their understanding of the Bible and get to know God’s love through special visits planned. We also see the children learning to trust Jesus through Bible classes given by our volunteers”.

This project has brought the Word of God to these people groups and is providing them with the resources to grow in their faiths. Your donation this month will help to provide Scripture to the people along the Paraguayan River.

Photo: The El Amanecer boat