We have all been shocked by the images and videos of a huge explosion devastating Beirut, Lebanon on 4th August 2020. Buildings have been destroyed, businesses ruined and lives lost.

The Bible Society offices were greatly affected and have been damaged by the blast. Thankfully, we have had a report from the Bible Society in Lebanon that none of their staff were harmed during the explosion as many were working from home when it happened. The building has extensive glass and aluminium damage- there are no windows left in the building.

The Bible Society buildings in Beirut have
been greatly affected.

They are now working to repair the Bible Society building. This building is the hub in Lebanon for all Bible Society work, and it is a critical part in projects and outreach. Without their building the Bible Society will struggle to carry out projects and share the Gospel with the people.

The Bible Society in Lebanon have appealed to sister Bible Societies for help with emergency repairs to their building. We need your help in supporting the Bible Society in Lebanon to rebuild their building.

Not only will money raised from this emergency appeal go towards repairing the building, but it will also go towards outreach activities during this devastating time. Now more than ever people in Beirut need the hope and comfort found with in God’s Word.

There are no windows left in the building.

If you would like to support the Bible Society in Lebanon please use the donation form on the right of this page or ring the office on 028 903 265 77.