Albania experienced 50 years of Communist regime and for a long time people were not permitted to translate the Bible. It wasn’t until 2007 that a successful translation of the New Testament in Albanian was completed and people were finally able to read God’s Word in their own language.

In 2019 the Bible Society of Albania celebrated as they finished translating the full Bible into Albanian. For the first time Christians in Albania will have the complete Bible in a modern language that they fully understand. This will allow more people than ever to access God’s Word and the life-changing message it brings.

The translation is eagerly anticipated: in 2019 a documentary was made about the new Bible and broadcast across the media.

Now they have the translation, they are facing the next hurdle: printing and launching the Bible. Preparations were underway for the translation to be printed and also made available for everyone to be used in two Bible apps, the Bibla Shqip and Youversion apps. They are aiming to provide 30,000 printed Bibles to Christian communities, and the online versions will reach many more. At the beginning of this year they were able to distribute 1,000 copies of the book of Psalms, which were very well received. They are excited for when they are able to launch the Bible.

Sadly, the Coronavirus outbreak has affected the launch event, but they pray the translation will be able to be launched later this year, God-willing. This event will be hosted through local churches and a campaign of events across Albania.

The Bible Society of Albania hopes that this project will provide a basis for other projects and that with the Bible in a more easily accessible and understandable format many will come to Christ.

Every £5 will go towards the cost of printing and distributing one Albania Bible.

Photo: A group studying the Albanian Interconfessional New Testament together.