There are three independent Bible Society offices in the Holy Land that serve the whole community of Israel and Palestine. These three offices work closely together, but each serves its own unique community: the Palestinian community, the Jewish community and the Arab Israeli community. This year we are supporting the Arab Israeli Bible Society to help them maintain and develop the ministry in their society.

The Arab Israeli Bible Society plays a crucial role in providing Arabic Bible and other resources for the 1.7 million Arab citizens of Israel. They have a strong presence online, but also seek to have a strong physical presence. Their headquarters are based in Nazareth, out of which they base their activities and projects and provide a safe environment for engaging with the Bible. Their visible physical presence is important, especially as a Christian minority. Living among a Muslim majority, within the state of Israel that has a Jewish majority, they describe themselves as a “double minority”.

In recent years the Arab Israeli Bible Society has grown. They are hosting more workshops, distributing more literature and partnering with more local churches.

The Arab Israeli Bible Society is passionate about advocating for the importance of reading the Bible as a family within churches. This is essential to ensure that future generations of the church in Israel are rooted in the Gospel and in God’s Word. They also have projects to reach children and young people with the Gospel, teaching them biblical values. Often young people are disheartened by the situation in their country and the surrounding areas. Some have come from violent backgrounds or have faced discrimination. The Bible Society hopes to empower these young people with God’s Word and the hope of the Gospel. It is their prayer that through reaching this younger generation that God would impact the situation in the Middle East.

This year Bible Society NI is supporting the work in the Holy Land, where staff and volunteers are committed to making the Word of God available to those living in Israel. They are working to make the Scriptures available and accessible to all, at an affordable price, in a language people can understand, and in a way that can help each one to apply and implement the message of God effectively to their lives.


Photo: A small group meets to discuss the Bible.