Right now, in the Middle East, children are suffering. Think of children who’ve known violence, war and the devastating impact of the pandemic in their short lives. The families who struggle to put food on the table. The refugees who still can’t go to school. The orphans missing their parents.

These children need Jesus. They need love. You can help them. Just £12 from you can give the Bible to three children in the Middle East this Christmas.

A while ago we heard from our dear friend George, who leads Bible Society in Syria. He told us about seven-hour queues to buy bread, the lack of heating and electricity through the coldest winter, the despair hanging over everyone.

You can imagine how the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic simply added more hardship. This Christmas will be really tough for children.

‘I met a little boy who loved reading and wished to have a book for Christmas,’ said George. ‘But it is hard for families to make it to the end of the month, let alone save money to buy books.’

Today, we are appealing to kind people like you, who know the power of God’s word can change lives. Please will you send £12 – and help provide the Bible to three children in the Middle East?

Even as you read this, the team in Syria are finalising plans for the biggest children’s Bible distribution ever. Our colleagues depend on Jesus every day – and know Christ can bring true hope to children. So they’ve produced new Bible story books in Arabic and Armenian. Volunteers in Syria are ready for the dangerous checkpoints they must go through to deliver Scripture. And every week, churches remind us that children are desperately waiting.

It’s just your help that’s missing. Every £4 you donate funds another free Bible book for a child. And there’s no doubt, your gift means everything to these children.

Please use the form on this page if you would like to give a gift today.