Everyone, Everywhere reading the Bible aloud Everyday in 2020

Tens of thousands of people across the world have been reading God’s Word aloud everyday in 2020.

Have you joined this global community yet?

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RECEIVE daily readings; VIDEO yourself reading the passage and; ENGAGE with others around the world by sharing your video on the App and on your social media.

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March – April BIBLE 2020 Reading Plan

You don’t have to record and share videos of yourself to benefit from reading the Bible out loud!

Bring it to life where you are

Why not have a go at one or all of these examples that will allow you to proclaim God’s Word in and over your local area throughout 2020.

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Take a walk around your local parish or somewhere beautiful in the great outdoors and proclaim God’s Word across our land.
Find the highest point in your community and go speak God’s Word across the lives of many.

BIBLE 2020 is having a huge impact in Northern Ireland and across the world

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Together we can reach everyone with God’s Word.