The Gulf States are famous for the wealth of those who live there. Their lifestyles are glamourous, indulgent and extravagant. However, the lives of those who facilitate this style of living are far from luxurious. For the hundreds of thousands of native and migrant people who work in the Gulf States, life can be very hard.
It is estimated that almost 90% of Qatar’s population is foreign to the Gulf States. This is among the highest ratios of migrants to citizens in the world. With a promise of good pay and a better life, many people from developing countries move to the Gulf States dreaming of securing a future for themselves and their families. Many leave their loved ones behind in their home country in an attempt to provide for them from afar. Nevertheless, once they arrive, they are often faced with substandard housing and living, horrendous working conditions and harrowing loneliness.

An estimated 1.8 million Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Indians and other migrant people work under circumstances that have been called “a form of modern-day slavery” by the International Trade Union Confederation and “little more than prisons for workers”, according to Amnesty International. Witnessing the treatment of these people, the Bible Society in the Gulf has been moved to partner with local churches, as they reach out to these lonely, downhearted and troubled men and women with the comforting Word of God. It is the Bible Society’s prayer that these people will understand that they are valued by their Creator and Heavenly Father as they read and study the Bible together.

Migrant workers receiving God’s Word

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is being held in Doha, Qatar, where the Bible Society in the Gulf headquarters are located. During this special event, they plan to reach over 18,000 migrant workers and World Cup international visitors through the distribution of the Gospel of John and the New Testament in 14 languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Malayalam, Nepali, Portuguese, Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil and Telugu).

The project is ambitious, with Bible Societies from across Europe providing New Testaments in their own languages, as well as the Bible Society of India providing the different Asian languages’ New Testaments. We want to play our part too, providing funds to ensure that these New Testaments get to Qatar and into the hands of migrant workers and visitors.

Once the World Cup is over, these migrant workers will of course remain, and the Bible Society in the Gulf will continue to reach out to them with the Gospel.
How can you support Bible work in the Gulf States?

Please join us as we pray for the work among migrants in the Gulf States. Ask God that the Gulf States would continue to allow the distribution of Scripture, and that He would speak to the hearts of those who receive it.

If you would like to support this project financially, you can do so through the form on this webpage:

A gift of £15 will help to provide 5 New Testaments in an Asian language, such as Tamil.
A gift of £40 will help to provide 10 New Testaments in a European language, such as Spanish or French.
A gift of £80 will help to provide 20 New Testaments to English-speaking migrant workers.
By providing God’s Word, your gift will make a life-changing difference to a migrant worker in the Gulf States.
Thank you