“Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul yearns for you my God”

Psalm 41-42

When using this little guide for daily reflection and reading of the scriptures, please use any bible you prefer or are
familiar with. Ask the Father to open your heart to the prompting of the Holy Spirit that you might hear His Word and proclaim it in your life.
The references contained within reflect the Catholic Good News or Jerusalem Bible. 

It is also possible to reflect on daily passages from the Bible on any search engine for Daily Bible Reflections. The 2021 Daily Bible Reading Guide has
been provided by the Canadian Bible Society and has been prepared by Rev. Dr.  K. L. Peterson. It is based on texts used in the Revised Common Lectionary. If the Guide is used every day during 2021, 60 books of the Bible will be utilized and 17 will be read in their entirety. 

Those dates marked with a star (*) are commonly observed as festival days in some churches.