Can you think of the greatest gift you have ever received? Perhaps it was something you needed, something with great sentimental value, or something you just really wanted. The Bible is the ultimate Greatest Gift we have been given; its message has the power to change people’s lives forever.

Around the world there are Christians waiting for a gift that will change their life, the Bible. Can you imagine having never read the Bible for yourself in your own Heart Language? This is the situation for millions of Christians around the
world today.

Whether a present or simply a stocking filler, Greatest Gift will allow you to give someone around the world the gift of God’s Word.

Here’s some ideas of how you can use this Greatest Gift catalogue:

  1. Give
    Simply fill out the Order Form on the right of this page. Choose which projects you would like to support, fill out your details, then send it back to Bible Society NI. If you request vouchers, these will be sent to you and you can give them to your loved one.
  2. Ask Others to Give You Greatest Gift Vouchers
    Instead of receiving presents this year, why not ask your loved ones to gift you Greatest Gift vouchers?
  3. Exchange Greatest Gift as a Group
    You can team up as a small group, friends or family. Instead of swapping Secret Santa gifts, give the Greatest Gift together and make a real difference this Christmas!

When you fill out your Order Form you can request Greatest Gift Vouchers. These are gift cards that you can give to your loved one, detailing the project and impact that the gift will have. The vouchers have space for you to sign and write a message. Vouchers do not state the amount of the donation made.

Please make sure we have your order by the 14th December to ensure you receive your vouchers in time for Christmas!

Send your Order Form to: Bible Society NI, 27 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6NB or order online through our website:

Cover photo shows a young girl who has received a Bible from the China Partnership.