Did you know Bible Society NI produces a free calendar every year that includes information on a new Bible project every month?

Our Bible-a-Month calendar allows you to make a difference to people all over the globe through the year. Every month there is information about a country and the work that the Bible Society is doing there.

Last year your prayer and support helped to provide Braille Bibles to the visually impaired in Uganda and children in Ghana a Bible of their own! This year we have 12 more projects from 12 different countries.

Each month there are prayer points for that country and we ask that you could commit to giving a gift towards the work there. By giving as little as £5 each month you will share God’s Word with people all over the world.

Get in touch with us to ask for your Bible-a-Month calendar today.

Read more about Bible-a-Month here and take a look at what your support could do this January.