This is Vashti’s Story. Read it in the Bible

Esther 1:10-25

Click here to read the full story

After you’ve watched the video, read the full story in the Bible. Then use the questions to help you think about Vashti’s story.

  • How did the video make you feel? Did you know whose story it was?
  • How did the video impact how you read the full Bible story?
  • What did you learn about God from the story?
  • What did you learn about yourself from the story?
  • What now? Will this story change how you live?

This video and these questions can be used in a group study. Suitable for use in a youth organisation, Bible Study group or small group, the ‘Story’ resources can help people work through a Bible story in a new and fresh way. Get the conversation started by downloading the resources now:

Click here to download the video of Vashti’s story. When video screen appears, right click and ‘Save video as…’ (or equivalent) to download.

Click here to download a group study sheet for Vashti’s story

What now?

Vashti’s story highlights how women were treated in this setting. It can be difficult to be reminded that there are women all around the world who still do not have the freedom to get an education, go to work or even make simple decisions on their own. There has been great progress made, but there are still many women longing for more.

One place where the Church is aware of this is Pakistan where 60% of the Christian population are women who cannot read. They never had the opportunity to go to school, so they miss out on so much.

The Pakistan Bible Society is partnering with local Churches to offer literacy classes so that women can learn to read and write. This changes so much. Not only do they learn to read God’s Word but they are no longer so easily exploited. For the first time they can read price tags, they can calculate payments and read signs. Suddenly there is a greater freedom and more opportunities available.

We are delighted to be supporting this project in 2019. Click here to read more about this literacy project in Pakistan.