On the 27th May 2018 Catherine Little is running the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Here is a little about what she’ll be doing and why she’s doing it…


“Last summer I visited Cambodia – a country of absolute contrasts!  I saw first-hand the amazing work of the Bible Society in Cambodia – providing Literacy Classes to children, young people and adults who struggle to read and write.  The Bible Society in Cambodia are unlocking God’s Word for individuals by teaching them to read in their own language and then providing Scripture for them.

“I’m running the Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise money for this special project which brings dignity and worth to thousands in this country still living with the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970’s. The impact of this horrific piece of world history is that there is a fear of education and learning within Cambodia, especially in the rural areas – it was the educated and those in positions of leadership who were killed by the Khmer Rouge regime.

Thank you for your support.

“Stay in touch to find out how my training is going. Honestly, I’ve never done anything close to 13.1 miles before but on the 27th May I’m going to do just that!”

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Catherine Little

General Secretary

Bible Society NI